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A More Practical Solution for Water Line Replacement in Vancouver

Damage to a water line can cause many problems, and fixing all the damage can be even more costly. Speedy Plumbing & Rooter has plumbers experienced in the area of trenchless waterline replacement. The problem is the pipe runs underground. Above it is the street and sidewalk in front of your home, and the building itself. You can imagine the hassle of digging to reach the damaged area, especially when it’s not obvious where this break, crack, or leak is.

Trenchless repair means there is no unnecessary disruption to the ground above. No pavement or floor replacement is necessary. An underground pipe can be replaced without any disturbance to driveways, porches, or landscaping. Using advanced techniques, the function of subgrade water pipes can be restored by accessing the affected area through the inside of the tube itself.

plumber with tool bag

What Is Trenchless Waterlines Repair?

Techniques used to repair damaged pipe include pulling a new pipe through the old one. Known as pipe bursting, this fractures the old material outward, essentially creating a new pipe that doesn’t leak. However, this technique requires digging access holes on either side.

A simpler solution is to install an epoxy coating using a flexible, inflatable tube. Specialized cameras are used to inspect the pipe first, and then the interior lining is cleaned. Once the resin is inserted, it cures in place. In a few hours, it is hard enough to allow water to pass through without leaving the pipe. Relining the interior walls eliminates the need to go through the hassles of pipe replacement.

broken sewer pipes

When Is Trenchless Repair the Solution?

The technique can address many issues. Wear and tear, age, ground shifting, and temperature extremes can lead to the damage of water lines. The process may be recommended if:

  • Water pipes have cracked due to ground movement or a shift in the structure.
  • Tree roots or debris have caused blocked pipes to burst.
  • The pipe has been improperly installed, causing water to leak or back up.
  • Damage has occurred during the freeze/thaw cycle.
  • Accessing the pipe via digging will cause extensive surface damage.

Speedy Plumbing & Rooter Specializes in No Dig Water Line Replacement

Taking a personal approach to our work, we strive to meet the unique individual needs of each customer. Our approach to water line replacement causes as little disturbance as possible, without causing further damage to lawns, houses, or gas or water lines. If underground pipe begins to leak, you can trust us to fix the problem at a reasonable price. There are no hourly charges; just one fixed rate for the job.

Other perks with our water line replacement service include:

A free estimate on the cost of repairs, before we start the work.
A 25-year warranty on the underground pipe we repair.
Service from experienced plumbers and a family owned and operated company.
24/7 emergency service.

For 24/7 Emergency Services and Repairs Call Us Today!